Gun Craft Inc.
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About Us

Gun Craft is more than just a custom pistol shop. Our customers can expect our pistolsmithing to be meticulous, whether you need a absolutely reliable personal defense handgun or an accurate and reliable target grade pistol or revolver you can depend on us.   We also specialize in custom rifles built to order on high quality rifle actions.  Only the highest quality stocks, barrels, and component parts go into each Gun Craft rifle.

With an eye to detail, the selected parts are then pain stakingly fitted.  A custom stock is built from customer measurements for that perfect fit.  A true hand rubbed English finish is applied.  Stock checkering is available.  Each rifle is sighted in and checked for reliability and accuracy.  Each rifle is built one at a time, not on a production line, for a true one of a kind custom rifle that will last a lifetime and generations to come.

Whether you are looking for the perfect dangerous Game Rifle or just looking for someone who knows rifles and can tame the recoil of your old hunting rifle or improve its accuracy, Gun Craft specializes in this type of rifle work.

 Caliber change

 Proper Stock Fit

 Recoil pads installed

 Muzzle brakes installed

 Stock repair



 Trigger adjustment

 Scopes installed


You can depend on the integrity, workmanship and service that 30 plus years of experience brings to you with Gun Craft Inc.

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